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gayjunglefever's Journal

kate, v. 2.0
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gay jun·gle fe·ver
   1. a common yet incurable disease suffered by many internet-savvy young women in modern times, who    begin to frequently pick up on, or imagine, "blatant implications of homosexuality" in books, television,    film, etc etc, and pretty much ever other area of pop. culture. startlingly obsessive behavior occurs as    the fever grows, as does swift mental deterioration. RUN FOR THE HILLS.

see also: slash goggles, gaydar, ah wish ah knew howta quitchoo!

the beatles, billie holiday, blur, bob dylan, the decemberists, franz ferdinand, king creosote, the libertines, lily allen, martha wainwright, nouvelle vague, oasis, patrick wolf, pink floyd, the pipettes, pj harvey, radiohead, r.e.m., rufus wainwright, the shins, simon & garfunkel, special needs,
the smiths, sufjan stevens, t.rex,
yeah yeah yeahs.
douglas adams, pat barker, anthony burgess, vladimir nabokov, george orwell, wilfred owen, mervyn peake, sylvia plath, j.k.rowling, arundhati roy, siegfried sassoon, sue townsend, oscar wilde, w.b.yeats.
blackadder, black books, btvs, the daily show, doctor who, green wing, have i got news for you, the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, heroes, house md, jeeves & wooster, life on mars, the l word, the mighty boosh, mock the week, monty python's flying circus, nathan barley, never mind the buzzcocks, qi, queer as folk, rome, scrubs, six feet under, spaced, sugar rush, that mitchell and webb look, torchwood, whose line is it anyway? oh, and, er, top gear.
a series of unfortunate events, breakfast on pluto, brokeback mountain, chocolat, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, hot fuzz, kiss kiss bang bang, la vita è bella, le fabuleux destin d'amélie poulain, pirates of the caribbean, regeneration, snatch, shaun of the dead, the shawshank redemption, trainspotting, velvet goldmine, wayne's world, withnail & i, y tu mama tambien, zoolander.

This journal pretty much consists of babbling, lots of fic recs, the odd piece of badly
written fiction, and, er, more babbling. Friend at will, if you so wish. (Also, I have a
habit of adding people randomly as I go, so if I've mortally offended by doing so,
giz a bell and I'll defriend as asked, sah.

"all rock'n'roll is homosexual", "danny 4 angel", alan davies, alan/boyce, alex kapranos, ambiguously gay trios, anck-su-namun/nefetiri, androgyny, angelus/spike/drusilla, antony/brutus, antony/vorenus, arthur dent/ten, as if, being ridiculously camp, billy boyd, bookshelves, breakfast on pluto, bree/lynette, brian/michael, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/faith, captain jack/captain jack, christopher eccleston, comedy, crackfic, cross-dressing, crossovers-to-make-your-brain-hurt, david tennant, doctor who, dom/billy, dorktastic!, eddie izzard, ees so gay!, escapism, fancying james may, fandom hopping, fic, fps, gay perry, gay-boy science, glovelove, good omens, green wing, guy/mac, harry potter, harry/draco hatesex omg, heroes, het, hey girl's-name!, hot fuzz, house, house/cuddy/wilson, house/scrubs crossovers, house/wilson, ianto jones ftw, jack/will/elizabeth/norrington ot4, janitor/elliot, jd/cox, jeremy clarkson, jon stewart, jordan/elliot, joss whedon, julian/noel, kim/sugar, king creosote, kiss kiss bang bang, life on mars, lotrips, macbeth/banquo, mickey smith, mohinder suresh, monty python, nicholas/danny, nine/rose/jack, noblet/jellineck, noel fielding/russell brand, not-using-the-z-word, omg seacrest/cowell otp, oscar wilde, pegg's tiny pants, pirates of the caribbean, qi, queer as folk, rionaleonhart, rivers/prior, rome, rps, sam tyler ♥, sam's tiny vest, school uniform, scrubs, secret-weasley-fancying, shane/carmen, six feet under, slash, snark, spike/buffy, sue denim/dee plume, sue white, ted/emmett, ten/jack, the daily show, the l word, the liar, the libertines, the mighty boosh, the regeneration trilogy, the word 'snogging', the z word, ties, top gear, tormenting fictional characters, uogb, v for vendetta, velvet goldmine, whose line, withnail/marwood, zomgie